A Year of Being Quiet

Be quiet3

Inspired by: Ali

My year of no make-up has come and gone.  It wasn’t easy but it was possible.  I didn’t wear make-up once.  Not even a little.  Not even when I had a big pregnancy zit right in the middle of my face.  I didn’t even throw out my make-up. It was right there in the bathroom cabinet the whole time.  Tempting me.  And yet, somehow, I resisted.

Enough with the bragging, right?  I promise, this is all leading up to a point.  I’ve been wondering how to summarize what I learned from that year-long challenge.  And here it is:

When it comes to goals, it’s a lot easier to stop doing something than it is to start doing something.  

I don’t know about you folks, but for myself, vows that have been made in recent years to put aside some time to work-out, or meditate everyday, or really dedicate myself to an instrument, or whatever else I want to add to my life have never lasted for a full year.  Not even close. I’m lucky if I get a solid week in.

Maybe this is because, at the core of myself, I’m a bit lazy.  Or maybe it’s because three little ones haven’t increased my ability to be consistent… or freed up much spare time.

Whatever the reason, the reality of this experience has been that taking something out of my life instead of trying to add something to it, provided relief instead of more stress.  And it actually ended up freeing up a bit of my time and energy for other things that I valued a lot more.

The truth is, giving up make-up wasn’t even that hard… because it wasn’t something that I really valued; probably the the reason I was willing to give it up for a year in the first place.   And even though wearing make-up may or may not really matter in the grand scheme of it all, the cool thing moving forward is knowing that I am capable of not doing something perfectly for a full year, and perhaps even the rest of my life.  This is the part, that I believe, has opened up boundless opportunities.

And with all that said, I present to you this year’s challenge:

I will be taking a year off from making any kind of negative comment about another person.  If I have a difficulty or an issue with someone that I feel is worth mentioning, I will speak to that person directly. If I’m not certain whether or not a comment about someone else is negative, or if I can’t find anything positive to say, I will simply be quiet.  *See above image 🙂

I have often remarked to others about how much I admire my grandmother, Dolina Smith, whom I’ve never heard speak negatively about another person. In quiet moments, I’ve often thought about how nice it would be to also be the kind of person who never speaks negatively about anyone else.  And as of today, I will wish no longer!

Life is just simply too hard for each of us not be supportive of one another.

I hope that I can succeed at another “perfect year”  when it comes to this challenge.  Since I carry my thoughts and my mouth with my always, I’m afraid that this year will be a lot harder to accomplish than last year was.  Wish me luck!

And of course, feel free to join me!

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