The “B” Word

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I was seventeen and in the midst of my grade twelve year when it happened. My parents had recently chosen to migrate west; from Ontario to BC. And since I make friends like I do most big things-very slowly and … Continued

How to Reject Porn Culture

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At 16 years old, I learned that anyone is capable of allowing their minds’ to go to places that directly conflict with their true values.  The realization of this truth came quickly and suddenly as my eyes scanned over the … Continued

A Year of Being Quiet

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My year of no make-up has come and gone.  It wasn’t easy but it was possible.  I didn’t wear make-up once.  Not even a little.  Not even when I had a big pregnancy zit right in the middle of my … Continued

Letting go of Perfect

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My son is watching Caillou right now and I can’t help but notice that Caillou’s wonderful parents never seem to miss a beat.  No matter how difficult the situation, they navigate it without getting the least bit ruffled.  They never … Continued

The Hangout Generation Stole my Bike

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Remember your first bike? Mine was a boys bike that my dad took apart and painted yellow. It was already fantastic but the matching yellow streamers we attached to the handlebars made it superior to even my wildest dreams. I … Continued

A Year without Makeup

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Inspired by all my Lovely FACES Girls I have a theory.  It goes like this:  Women are sometimes so concerned about looking good that they keep themselves from doing things that will actually make them look good in the long … Continued

Should I get a Boob Job?

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Remember when everyone had eyelash extensions? I didn’t get them because it seemed like an unnecessary expense… but I found myself feeling a little more self-conscious of my appearance around some circles of women who had hopped on the eyelash band wagon. … Continued